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Finding travel insurance

By researching and asking around, you may be able to find travel insurance providers that can cover you.

Some providers specialise in providing travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Others are general travel insurance companies.

Specialist companies are more likely to be able to provide you with full cover that includes problems related to your cancer.

But in some situations, for example, if you had cancer many years ago, a number of standard travel insurance providers may be able to help.

Ways to find travel insurance

Other ways of checking deals

While they do not always have suitable offers for people with pre-existing conditions, you can ask for insurance quotes from:

Travel insurance through your bank

Some people automatically have some degree of travel insurance cover through their bank accounts. This generally applies to people with ‘premium’ bank accounts where they pay a small fee each month.

When the account is set up, medical questions aren’t usually asked and it is the account holder’s responsibility to declare pre-existing conditions. This cover will not automatically include problems related to your cancer, so check with your bank to find out exactly what it includes and whether the cover can be expanded.