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Help managing savings and investments

If cancer or its treatment is making it difficult for you to look after your savings and investments, or if you think this might happen in the future, you may want to arrange for someone close to you to be involved in managing them.

This would need to be someone you trust, and you would need to make it a formal arrangement.

Many savings accounts and some other savings and investments (but not ISAs) can be held jointly with someone else, such as a partner. Transferring savings or investments into joint names means the other person becomes joint owner, can make withdrawals and other decisions, and automatically inherits the whole investment if you die.

There are ways that other people can be given legal power to manage your affairs for you. For more information about these issues, you can order our free booklet 'Sorting out your affairs' from our Be.Macmillan website. Our financial guides on can also give you more information – call them on 0808 808 00 00.

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