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Help dealing with debt

If you can’t keep up your loan repayments, you’re taking out new loans just to pay off the old ones, or you’re borrowing to pay your shopping and fuel bills, you have a debt problem.

Debt problems get worse when they are left, so it is important to contact the lenders involved as soon as possible to explain your situation.

You don’t have to tackle the problem alone. Contact StepChange Debt Charity on 0800 138 1111 for free advice about your situation.

There are several other independent organisations that can give you free advice and help. There are also commercial firms that offer ‘free’ advice but then recommend their own fee-based solutions, and are best avoided.

Independent debt advice organisations:

In Northern Ireland:
Advice NI
Citizens Advice NI

In England and Wales: 
Citizens Advice Bureau

In Scotland: 
Citizens Advice Scotland