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Buying insurance

If you’ve had cancer or you’re living with cancer, you can sometimes face higher premiums, special conditions or refusal when buying life insurance and some types of health insurance.

This includes policies that have a health insurance element, such as travel insurance.

Does cancer affect all forms of insurance?

You shouldn’t have problems getting insurance unrelated to health, for example, home insurance. If you do, contact our financial guides on 0808 808 00 00 for information about making a complaint.

Family members

Your close relatives (children, brothers and sisters) may also find it hard to get life and health insurance on standard terms. This is because, in a small number of cases, people whose close relatives have had cancer may be at a higher than average risk of getting the same cancer.

It may also affect your close relatives’ travel insurance if you are receiving or waiting for hospital treatment or have a terminal condition.

Being prepared for questions

When talking to insurers, you may be asked some difficult or upsetting questions about your health, for example about the likely outcome of your cancer (prognosis). Unfortunately, not all insurers are sensitive to the needs of people affected by cancer.

Depending on how you feel about talking about your cancer, you may want to contact only a couple of companies at a time.

Alternatively, you could contact an insurance broker who will do the research for you.