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Benefits Checker

Benefits can be difficult to find your way around and have different rules. This checker is a quick indicator of which types of benefits you may be eligible for.

The actual benefit and amount you would get will depend on your circumstances and the ‘benefit cap’. Once you have used the tool you will be guided to what you can do next and support. Benefit rules can be complicated and this checker may not be suitable for everyone, such as students, inpatients and people who are not UK nationals.

Which of these situations apply to you? Tick all that apply.

When not to use the Benefits Checker

If one of the following describes you, you should not use this tool because the rules are very complicated and you could be at risk of claiming the wrong benefit.

• You or your partner are a student

• You or your partner are a hospital inpatient, in residential care or in prison

• You are not a UK National and neither is your partner

• You or your partner are not living in the UK or have recently arrived in the UK

In these cases you should call our welfare rights advisers on 0808 808 00 00 or find a local Macmillan benefits adviser at your hospital for more advice about your situation.

The welfare system is changing across the UK and is being phased in. If you live in Northern Ireland Welfare Reform you should check the latest timetable of changes.