We understand that people with cancer are worried about coronavirus. Here is the latest guidance. We will update it regularly.

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How we can help you

Do you know where to start when looking for guidance about benefitstravel insurance, life insurance, pensions, and mortgages?
This tool is designed to help you with some financial decisions you may face if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.


Case studies

Read Shola's story

When Shola had to give up work to have treatment for thymoma, a tumour affecting her thymus gland, she soon encountered financial problems. But she didn’t think twice about knocking on the door of Macmillan benefits adviser Fiona Crowe.

Read Thom's story

27-year-old Thom had emergency surgery for colon cancer, followed by nearly six months of chemotherapy. It affected his ability to work, and as a self-employed person, he worried about being able to pay his bills.

Read Lloyd's story

When Lloyd was diagnosed with lung cancer, he worried about missing his mortgage payments if he took time off work for treatment. Then he met Emma, a Macmillan Benefit Adviser, who made sure Lloyd got the benefits he was owed and didn’t have to face it alone.